What we offer

Our services help you to save energy and also save your money from power problem, Let make your home green with our relaible power solution

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

On-line dual conversion technology supplies protected devices with perfectly dependable sinusoidal energy, no matter what the quality of the incoming power supply, offering the best form of protection for all critical loads. Our UPS’s use this technology to offer the best possible protection for all your critical systems.

Solar Power

According to the international energy agency Solar Power will become the largest source of electricity by 2050, Solar Power generally describes technologies that convert sunlight into electricity and in some cases thermal or mechanical power


Inverters deliver pure sine wave leading to no humming sounds from your gadgets. It also charges your battery two times faster. Its built-in UPS means you get both an inverter and a UPS, saving space and money

Inverters are DSP controlled offering overload and short circuit protection as well as battery discharge protection.

AVR Microcontroller

The proven technology that combines solid electrical engineering ensures a continuous, smooth and very stable output voltage. We supply line have become a common phenomenon causing havoc to sophisticated equipment’s like Industrial Automation, Communication  equipment, Computers, Machines.


A device that converts stored chemical energy into electrical energy. We have batteries for any devices from forklift, traction, semi traction, inverter, solar and ups.

batteries are a reliable solution for the power outages. They ensure productivity in the commercial environment and provide comfort to people.

Protection Systems

Our protection system features AC, DC, Data + Signal Protection, Rf Protection and Power Correction. Knowing your surge protection need is critical to selecting the correct surge protection device.

Procurement Service

Our procurement functions cover both local and oversea sourcing. Our deep knowledge of Nigerian Business terrain ensures your delivery is never delayed. We are sole Agent / Distributor to major equipment manufacturers in the world. Some of these manufacturers are:

  • Systems Sunlight SA Greece-Battery manufacturer (Sunlight Brand of Batteries)
  • Enersys EMEA Switzerland-Battery manufacturer (Powersafe, datasafe, HAWKER and many more Batteries)
  • Exide Batteries.
  • Scintex Trace Corp Canada-Trace Detection

TANDA offers significant advantages through our superior breadth and depth of resources and our integrated engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance approach to large and small projects.